Team Xapso is a gaming organization located in Frederiksværk, Denmark. It was set up in 2011 by an well aged guy facinated by gaming. Now in 2014, a younger force is taking Team Xapso in their hands. Undoubtedly having the know-how and ambition for success, the team began working towards their own solution to fun the organization. Team Xapso is working on a fan-base with many active followers, a successful track record, so we can desire to become the best in what they do.

Putting these factors (amongst others) in consideration, Team Xapso decided that it would be best to market itself as a completely independent entity that acts professionally and sustainably as a organization. We will coordinate all effort to become a successful marketing tool which our partners then can utilize to maximize their own success.

With our appearance on major/minor offline events and by participating in a lot of online events, we can promise you, that we advertise your brand and products on the highest level possible. Our teams are the perfect way of advertising if you want to reach people interested in gaming, computers and the web 2.0 in general.

If you have any questions, feedback regarding Team Xapso, please use: info@team-xapso.com

The cool people behind Team Xapso

Christian Badsted


Vincent Mast

Owner   Geranal Manager
vikingdom[at]team-xapso[dot]com    vincent[at]team-xapso[dot]com





Year Game Event Name Location Placement
2012 Battlefield 3 Dreamhack Summer Sweden 3rd
2012 Battlefield 3 Dreamhack Winter Sweden 2nd
2012 Battlefield 3 Digiexpo Sweden 1st
2012 Counterstrike 1.6 FMR Lan 4 Russia 1st
2012 Counterstrike 1.6 FMR Lan 5 Russia 1st
2012 Counterstrike 1.6 Copenhagen Games Denmark 7/8th
2012 Counterstrike 1.6 Techlabs Cup Online 13th
2012 Counterstrike 1.6 Sound Blaster Denmark 5/8th
2012 Counterstrike 1.6 Danish Esports League Denmark 1st
2013 CSGO Gaming.dk League 6 Online 4th
2013 CSGO The Blast 5 Online 4th
2013 CSGO Gaming.dk League 7 Online 3rd
2013 CSGO ESWC Denmark Online 5th
2013 CSGO Copenhagen Games Denmark 13/16th
2013 CSGO Komplett Liga Online 1st
2013 CSGO Fragbite Masters Online 9/16th
2013 CSGO Dreamhack Winter Sweden 9/16th
2014 CSGO ESEA Premium CS:GO 1v1 Event Online 1st
2014 CSGO #1 Xapso Invited FC Online 1st
2014 CSGO XCL - Progaming Sunday Cup [Liga B] #1 Online 1st
2014 CSGO #1 GA BOLTCAMP ESEA 5v5 Online 2nd
2014 CSGO XCL Progaming Sunday #1 Online 4th
2014 CSGO #2 GA BOLTCAMP ESEA 5v5 Online 4th
2014 CSGO L.G.X Lan São Paulo CSGO Brasil 7th
2015 FIFA FIFA Masters Brugge Belgium 1st
2015 FIFA FIFA Masters Beerschot-Wilrijk Belgium 3rd
2015 FIFA Esports Festival FIFA PRO Comp Belgium 19/20th
2015 FIFA Online Tournaments KRC Genk Belgium 3rd
2015 CSGO FACE IT EU Points Cup Online 1st